Thursday, 24 August 2017

Robbing Peter to pay Peter (after a sizeable deduction for Messrs Sue, Grabbitt and Run)

This has to be the weirdest story of the week.

Shareholders in the Commonwealth Bank are being invited to sue the bank for possible losses because of some kind of rort the bank engaged in without telling them there might be a hefty fine if the bank was caught. So let's imagine all the shareholder owners take part in this grand legal exercise and win the $200 million plus expenses. The value of what they own is $200 million less than before. Instead of being better off they are worse off because the lawyers and their financier hop in for their chop. A wonderful example of what Private Eye would call the actions of Messrs Sue, Grabbitt and Run.

Butch Katter and the Warringah Kid

So Bob Katter and Tony Abbott are going to have a little chat about the future of government.

"We rob Guvments"


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Priests and ministers of religion held in low regard

There's one clue for opponents of same sex marriage in a just released survey published by the Australian National University: don't have priests spruiking your message. Ministers of religion are held in low regard. And their contribution to society is rated the lowest among the 16 professions rated.

The Australian Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Science Survey found that the top three professions that most Australians rate as contributing a lot to the wellbeing of society are scientists (80.9%), followed very closely by doctors (80.5%) and then farmers (78.5%).  The top three profession that most Australians rated as very prestigious were doctors (72.9%), followed by scientists (62.1%) and then engineers (55.2%)
Media executives might benefit from the topics people find of interest. Politics, which fills so much space and airtime, comes well down the list.

The New Zealand threat brings sleepless nights for Julie Bishop

Sleepless night ahead for Julie (Tora! Tora! Tora!) Bishop as "the unworkable" NZ Labour Party dramatically narrows gap in election race and pundits declare Jacinta Arden a very real chance after Sunday's charismatic party launch.
Could be much kiwi Tutti frutti if Jacinta turns up in Canberra as PM of New Zealand!
Talk about Star Wars....The Beginning...........which side will Barnaby choose? be continued.......

Bill Shorten can sing Happy Go Lucky Me

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten reads about his unbeatable opinion poll lead, finds his denouncement of British citizenship document and discovers George Formby all in the one day

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Nick Xenophon can't tell his English from his Irish

Media Nick (accused Pommie) shows his distaste after ordering a "warm English beer" while media stunting at British Hotel (get it) Adelaide! Has he gone totally Irish?

Saturday, 19 August 2017